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Would like to be part of a young, dynamic community, interested in science and in the role that science can play in the society? Join IPN, and help us grow!

This is a non-comprehensive list of activities and goals that the association set for itself:

  • Establish a network of people, institutions and companies active in research, both fundamental and applied;
  • Be vibrant on the social networks;
  • Keep the community up to date with recent developments in Physics;
  • Organize conferences and meetings to foster collaborations between experts;
  • Organize outreach events.

With your contribution we could do much more!

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The Benefits

  • you will be part of an organisation that consults with its members
  • you will be part of a respected national and international organisation
  • you will receive our regular newsletter and updates, including state-of-the-art outreach articles and essays on science and technology
  • you will be invited to events, for example the Young Researchers Meeting
  • you will have the opportunity to propose your own ideas and activities for the members and develop them.