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International Physicists Network (IPN) is a Italian non-profit association, established with the main purpose to create, stimulate and promote an international network of young researchers in Physics, both experimental and theoretical, in order to realize the dynamics of collaboration between the different branches of Physics. Discover more

IPN Leadership

Davide Pietrobon

 PhD President

Giordano Cattani

 PhD Treasurer

Emanuela Pusceddu

PhD Secretary

Marina Migliaccio 

PhD Vice-President


The Young Researcher Meeting has been a rapidly growing event for the last few years. Together with other initiatives emerged in several research areas, the young researcher meeting marks the awareness and the desire of PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and young researchers to play a major role in the scientific progress.

Dandelionthinker: Have you worked on a concept or prototype that just needs to be embedded in the industry to take off? Have you found a solution to one of the problems that represent the bottleneck of some production chain and you are eager to have a big impact?
This is the platform your were looking for! Explore it!



Find-your-Doctor is a non-profit organisation offering a top-tier service of job screening and job placement specifically dedicated to support young research professionals (graduate students, PhD or other young researchers) in the difficult and time-consuming task of finding a job position.
FyD aims to exploit the expertise of a PhD graduate making it easily accessible and valuable to the industry domain, emphasizing the technical and theoretical skills more valuable for the industry and in general for the manufacturing chain. FyD has been promoted by a consortium of companies, called C2T, dedicated to the technology transfer. FyD depicts the connection between the industry network and students/young researchers domain. Read more


The Gravity Room is a nonprofit outreach project that was initially supported by the EC through Intra-European Marie Curie contracts and by FCT-Portugal. We are physicists, not of the kind you can see in movies or TV series, though. We are a heterogeneous group of master students, researchers, Ph.D. students and people that share their life. We are mostly "exiles" because one of the funniest part of our work is to travel continuously and work worldwide. We often share that kind of mood which is a mixture between missing our home country and being excited to live elsewhere. On the other hand, our condition provides us with a unique window on education, research and life in many different places, an experience that we believe is worth sharing.

AstronomiAmo is a young no-profit organisation focused on astronomical outreach. The association offers a day-to day information on everything about Universe, but also training courses on astronomy and astrophotography (both live and online), live streaming with professionals, astronomical calculations and celestial maps useful for passionates, live events, conferences and laboratories for all ages. All in the name of sharing, funny learning and of values that astronomy teaches.

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Nobel Prize in Physics 2016

Nobel Prize in Physics 2016 is awarded to David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz ”for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions…
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No WIMP from PandaX-II experiment

Dark matter is still elusive. In a paper published on 16th September by Physical Review Letters, researchers of the PandaX-II…
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