About IPN

International Physicists Network (IPN) is a Italian non-profit association, established with the main purpose to create, stimulate and promote an international network of young researchers in Physics, both experimental and theoretical, in order to realize the dynamics of collaboration between the different branches of Physics.

IPN has been founded by 11 young researchers and professionals with a general background in Physics but with multidisciplinary specialisations, ranging from Particle Physics to Astrophysics and from Condensed Matter Physics to Applied Physics just to mention a few.

The Association promotes the exchange and synergy between the various research activities in Physics, which are linked by the scientific method and a critical and systematic approach to problem solving, also including those applications that require a multi-faceted knowledge and that often do not enjoy the necessary visibility in the industry sector.


Registered Office:
Via delle Libellule, 26
09131, Cagliari (CA), Italy