Researchers background usually doesn’t allow for the exploitation of their own intuitions to make them appealing for the market.
Innovation and idea spreading are a fundamental factor for entrepreneurship survival, however companies are often lacking of the adequate mind-set.

This is why IPN with C2T/FyD started a common project to let competences, ideas, resources and company requirements meet in an online/offline shared area to exploit the best of academia and industry.

The idea is to have a dual and complementary approach:

  • A traditional top-down mechanism, where companies open a job position and interested candidates can submit their CVs;
  • An incubator, bottom-up engine, where PhDs and young researchers can now submit their own ideas and research projects directly to possible interested companies.

Presenting new ideas coming from the bottom up to the potential interested company is the hardest but also innovative and interesting part of the project.

The mean we have chosen is in the form of the elevator pitch, where the proposer, with the help and guideline of on-line forms, can present his own idea. All service subscribers, either companies and researchers will have a public profile and will be automatically subscribed to a regular newsletter where new ideas or new projects from both sides of the chain are collected.
Huge effort will be put in the Intellectual and Industrial Property preservation.

Have you worked on a concept or prototype that just needs to be embedded in the industry to take off? Have you found a solution to one of the problems that represent the bottleneck of some production chain and you are eager to have a big impact?

This is the platform your were looking for!

We are finalizing the details of the submission process and a submission form will be available soon. Please, check this page again in few days.

In the meantime, you can get ready and prepare an answer to the following fields of the form:

  • brief description of the problem you have worked on
  • brief description of the solution you came up with
  • brief explanation of why your approach will be useful to the chosen company

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