Fabio Agostini

Fabio currently works as a Product Portfolio Manager at the NAIS-Nextant Applications and Innovative Solutions, for the Management of strategic alliances of Companies, relationships with Partners and Vendors. He is also Senior  System Engineer CSG Integrated Logistic Support&Operations-User Ground Segment (Consultant Thales Alenia Space) and  Project Leader in the Defense-Project aims to develop an innovative technology ICT platform to support on field activities of cleaning from unexploded ordnance (UXO).

He received the bachelor in Physics, by theme the extragalactic astrophysics: “Emission X groups of galaxies ” at University of Tor Vergata in Roma, his home town. He has a Master’s degree in Sciences of the Universe: “Effect of the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe as a tool for Cosmological investigation” and a postgraduate course Master’s in Space Science and Technology.

He worked in the staf of Telespazio A Finmeccanica/Thales Company where on Space Debris. He has made the first 3D mapping of space debris: “Microdebris Impact Rapid Risk Assessment Tool” (MIRA). Before he has worked for the INFN DAΦNE particle accelerator, at the experiment Herschel Space Observatory in the IFSI-CNR, at the experiment Anomalous Long Term Effects on Astronauts (ALTEA) in in collaboration with NASA.

He has been a science communicator for many years, has worked in the past for the science centre ASTROLAB-Observatory of Rome and has held seminars on solar astrophysics in high schools. He is associated of Frascati Scienza and he’s the Work Package Leader for the European Community project: “Notte dei Ricercatori”.

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