Young Researcher Meeting

1st Young Researcher Meeting, Rome 2009

July 21st 2009 

The first meeting will take place on the 21st July 2009 in Rome at the Science Faculty of "Tor Vergata" University.

During the last two decades two impressive experiments, the Large Hadronic Collider (LHC) and the Planck-Herschel satellites, have been planned and are now going to test the bases of the physics paradigms, where the quantum mechanics has to match the cosmological scales. This is the outer scenario in which biological phenomena and their complexity take place, challenging the rules we recognise in the atomic and sub-atomic world. In order to explore the details of this world, new huge experimental facilities such as Free Electron Lasers are under construction. These projects involve people coming from several countries and give physicists the opportunity to work together with chemists, biologists and other scientists.

The Roman Young Researchers Meeting is a one day conference, organised by PhD students and young post-docs connected to the Roman area. It is aimed primarily at graduate students and new post-docs, working in physics. In its first appearance the meeting will be organised in sections dedicated to up-to-date topics with the aim of establish a young researchers net. The plan for the future meetings is to focus on the details of each field in a one-day conference which will promote idea interchange and fruitful collaborations.

Students and post-docs are encouraged to present their work in short (20 min) talks or as poster presentations.