Young Researcher Meeting

8th Young Researcher Meeting, Cagliari 2017 – Info

The meeting will be held in the ‘Coroneo’ room at "Cittadella dei Musei", Piazza Arsenale, 1, 09124, Cagliari.

How to get to Cagliari city centre from Cagliari airport

Cagliari airport  is located in Elmas at 10 km from Cagliari city centre.

By car. The airport is about 15 minutes from Cagliari city centre by car.  You can find information on car rental services (here), and on taxis services (here).

By train. The train service from Cagliari airport to Cagliari city centre is operated  by the Trenitalia. You may visit this link to check the timetables.

How to get to Cittadella dei musei

There are 3 bus lines to Cittadella dei Musei, Piazza Arsenale:

Bus line 6 To 'Stadio parcheggi' exit the bus at 'Regina Elena Giardini pubblici'

                     To 'Andorra' exit the bus at 'Regina Elena Terrapieno'

Bus line 10 To 'Guaddazzonis' exit the bus at 'Regina Elena Giardini pubblici'

                       To 'Sant’Ignazio da Laconia' exit the bus at 'Regina Elena Terrapieno'

Bus line 8 To 'Policlinico Universitario' exit the bus at 'Buoncammino - Polizia'

                       To 'Matteotti' exit the bus at 'Buoncammino - Anfiteatro Romano'

Bus tickets may be purchased from tobacconists and newspaper kiosks. For information on all bus lines in Cagliari visit the CTM Cagliari Trasport (CTM) website.


  • Le Torri B&B - Vico 3 dei Genovesi, 10, 09124 Cagliari.
  • Garibaldi Square's House Hotel - Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 45, 09127 Cagliari.
  • Rilais santa croce Hotel - Via Corte D'Appello, 42, 09124 Cagliari.
  • Hostel Marina - Scalette S. Sepolcro, 09124 Cagliari.