Young Researcher Meeting

9th Young Researcher Meeting, Salerno 2018 – Info

The meeting will be held in the "Aula delle Lauree Nicola Cilento" building C1 at the University of Salerno.


How to get to the University of Salerno from Naples airport

Naples Airport  is located in Naples at 55 km from the University of Salerno.

  • By car/bus. The airport is about 50 minutes from the University of Salerno. You can find information on car rental services (here) and on bus services (here, here and here).
  • By train from Napoli Centrale railway station. Trenitalia and Italo provide train-links from Naples station to Salerno station. You can find bus services to Napoli Centrale (here).

How to get to University from Salerno City 

From Vittorio Veneto Square-Rail, courier Busitalia Campania nr. 7, 17, 27. You can find timetables (here).