Young Researcher Meeting

10th Young Researcher Meeting, Roma 2019 – Info

The opening day of the 10YRM will take place in the prestigious Villa Mondragone, while in the remaining days the meeting will be held in the Aula Magna P. Gismondi, located in the Science Macroarea of the University of Rome ''Tor Vergata''.


  • 18th June:
    Villa Mondragone, Via Frascati, 51, 00078 Monte Porzio Catone RM


  • 19th-21st June:
    Aula Magna P. Gismondi of Science Macroarea of the University of Rome ''Tor Vergata'', Via della Ricerca Scientifica, 1, 00133 Roma RM

How to reach Villa Mondragone

A bus shuttle will pick up the participants from the Tor Vergata train station from 8.00 to 10.00.

The Tor Vergata train station can be reached from Roma Termini station by regional trains:
- Regional Express 7533. Departure from Roma Termini: 08.00. Arrival at Tor Vergata: 08.15.
- Regional 21899. Departure from Roma Termini: 08.07. Arrival at Tor Vergata: 08.25.
- Regional 7535. Departure from Roma Termini: 08.35. Arrival at Tor Vergata: 08.53.
- Regional 21901. Departure from Roma Termini: 09.14. Arrival at Tor Vergata: 09.32.

The same bus shuttle will also take the participants back from Villa Mondragone to the Tor Vergata train station at the end of the meeting, from 17.30 to 19.30.

How to reach the University of Rome Tor Vergata from airports

From Fiumicino airport. Take the Leonardo Express train from Rome Fiumicino to Rome Termini (central station), then the Metro Line A up to the final stop Anagnina. From here take the Bus Line 20 from Anagnina to Sorbona.

From Ciampino airport. Take the Cotral Bus from Ciampino Airport to Anagnina metro station. From here take the Bus Line 20 from Anagnina to Sorbona.
Alternatively, from Ciampino airport take the Bus Line 520 up to Cinecittà, then Metro Line A up to Anagnina (one metro stop) and then Bus Line 20 from Anagnina to Sorbona.

How to reach the University of Rome Tor Vergata from train stations

From Roma Termini station. Take Metro Line A up to the final stop Anagnina. From there take the Bus Line 20 from Anagnina to Sorbona.

From Roma Tiburtina station. Take the Metro Line B (direction Rebibbia) up to Termini, and from there follow the indications reported above.


Please Notice: due to maintenance refurbishment of the Metro A line, during saturday and sunday before and after the meeting (15,16,22,23 of June) service is interrupted between Anagnina and Subaugusta stations. A substitute Bus will be operated. Please notice that during the days of the meeting the Metro A line is operated as usual and the disruption affects only weekend. This could affect participants traveling during weekend on Ciampino airport.



In order to easily reach both Villa Mondragone and Tor Vergata University, it is suggested to take an accommodation nearby Roma Termini station or in areas close to a stop of the Metro Line A.

It follows a list of hotels that can provide discounted rates due to an agreement with the University of Rome Tor Vergata. If interested, please ask the Hotel for the discounted rate before you book your room.

Termini station area
a) Hotel Archimede
b) Hotel Luce
c) Hotel Regio


Participants presenting a poster are encouraged to use the portrait A1 format. We are happy to announce that also this year there will be a best poster award, which will be announced in the dedicated ceremony on June 21st.

Round Table

In the afternoon of the first day, June 18th, the meeting will host an interactive round table for discussion on the link between Physics and Industry. The selected panel includes representatives from companies and physicists pursuing a career in industry.


The afternoon of June 20th will be devoted to a guided tour to the INFN - National Laboratories of Frascati with introductory seminars. A bus will pick up participants at the conference venue.

After the visit it is possible to come back to Rome with the trains departing from the nearby Tor Vergata train station (see map).

In the afternoon of June 21st a guided walking tour of ancient Rome will be offered to the participants.

Social Dinner

The social dinner will be on Wednesday June 19th at 8.30pm at Ristoro del Fiscale restaurant, located in Via dell'Acquedotto Felice 120. The restaurant is 10 minutes walking from the Metro Line A stop Porta Furba.