Young Researcher Meeting

11th Young Researcher Meeting, Trento 2021 – Posters


1E. PoliniBroadband quantum noise reduction in Virgo using frequency dependent squeezingFile
2E. El BahloulFinite Element Analysis of O-ring Performance Reinforced by a Metallic CoreFile
3E. GhezzerSearch for Electron Capture of 176Lu with LuCE experimentFile
4S. PerciballiLYSO scintillator intrinsic radioactivity characterization and expected sensitivity of the HEPD-02 detector to Gamma Ray BurstFile
5H. DaghabNumerical Simulation of Natural convection for thermo-dependent fluids in a square cavity with localized heating from bottom and isothermal cooling from sidesFile
6S. BotticelliA computational method to estimate the stability of protein mutantsFile
7F. D'AngeloAntiprotons Production in Cosmic Rays and Implications for the Dark Matter ResearchFile
8S. SalvatoreInferring the diffusion coefficient in the heliosheath by time spectra simulations of GCRs in the HelMod frameworkFile
9I. ArroubPerformance Analysis of an Integrated System Consisted of Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger (EAHE) in a BuildingFile
10K. NikajLinks Analysis in Social Network using Statistical MechanicsFile